Limo Lux

1. How far in advance should I make a reservation to book a limo?

All reservations should be placed within 24 Hours of the pick up date. We will try to accommodate any last minute request for a limousine service, but can not always guarantee that there are vehicles available.

2. What is a private ride?

A private ride is a luxury transportation service wherein you can enjoy your travel on your own or with your group of people and not sharing your ride with unknown travelers.

3. What is the standard cancellation policy of the reservation?

To avoid penalties, cancellation should be done 24 hours prior to the scheduled Booking.

4. Do i need to notify my driver if my flight comes in early or late?

We constantly track your flight status and make according adjustments for your pickup time. And also you are not gonna be charged if your flight arrives later or earlier.

5. Will my personal chauffeur help me with the luggage?

The chauffeur will be happy to assist you with your luggage at the car. By the Rules and Laws of the DIA Ground Transportation Department, all limousine drivers are not allowed to assist you from the baggage claim, because He/She must stay at the vehicle.

6. How much does Limo Lux charge for waiting time?

There is a charge of $20.00 for every unscheduled 15 minutes waiting time. On all private car services we have a 15-minute wait time grace period.

7. Do i need to pay a deposit and when do i have to pay it?

Limo Lux requires a credit card guarantee for payments, fees or non-refundable 50% deposits. A credit card authorization form will be sent to you at the time of the booking of your reservation.

8. Where do meet my driver at the Denver International Airport?

Your driver will meet you on Level 5 outside of the terminal. Once you exit from the baggage claim area West Side door #506 or East Side door #511, please go to the Island 2 ( Limousine Pick Up Island) and our driver will be waiting for you at the vehicle.

9. Can you smoke in a car?

We are not allowed to smoke in all our vehicles. If any passenger smokes in a limo a minimum cleaning fee of $250.00 will apply, plus cost of repairs for any damages related to smoking!

10. Am i allowed to bring my pet inside of the vehicle?

You can, all small pets contained in a carrier or carried on the lap by owner are allowed to be in a vehicle at no additional cost. Clients are responsible to keep pet calm. For any damage from pet, clients will be penalized with certain amount after inspection by the specialist.

11. What is the Standard Gratuity?

Standard Gratuity for a personal chauffeur is 20%.