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Denver to Colorado Springs – Complete Beginner’s Guide

Denver to Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is one of the most popular attractions for tourists to explore in the USA. Colorado Springs is situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 6,035ft. If you are new and have a craze to explore the beauty of Colorado Springs, this blog post will perfectly guide you.

How far is Colorado Springs from Denver?

The driving distance from Denver to Colorado Springs is about 70 miles or 113km. The time to complete the journey via I-25 S with nonstop driving is 1 hour and 10 minutes. Colorado Springs to Denver and Denver to Colorado Springs journey is one of its kind that is marked as a smooth and relatively easy journey as compared to other cities of Colorado state like Breckenridge and Aspen.

Where to Stop While Driving from Denver Colorado to Colorado Springs?

There is no doubt that a journey of 1 hour and 10 minutes will add more hours while driving from Denver, Colorado, to Colorado Springs. Besides the time-consuming reality, the beauty of Colorado Springs and enjoyment during the drive from Denver is unique that tourists must love to amuse themselves with.

Driving your car or hiring a rental car or limousine service to enjoy the tour fully, the stops from Denver to Colorado Springs will make your day memorable.

Denver to colorado springs Stops

  • The first stop that attracts tourists after starting the journey from Denver in 20 minutes is Denver Tech Center, where you can stay for about 1 hour to enjoy.
  • The next stop is Castle Rock Pet Nanny, which forces tourists to stop and enjoy, comes after 25 minutes of more drive. One hour’s stop at Castle Rock Pet Nanny will provide you soothing environment to feel at ease.
  • After driving for more than 23 minutes, you will reach the beautiful picnic spot of Larkspur and will love to stop here for 1 hour.
  • The next attractive stop is Palmer Lake Veterinary Clinic, where you will reach in 18 additional minutes and stay for one more hour.
  • The drive of the next 15 minutes will stop you at the United States Air Force Academy, where 1-hour stay will make your day memorable.
  • Elephant Bar Restaurant is your next stop where you will reach in 13 minutes after starting drive from the United States Air Force Academy.
  • Elephant Bar Restaurant is your last stop before making your final arrival to Colorado Spring, a 17 minutes drive.

travel from denver to colorado springs

What is the Best Mode of Conveyance to Travel from Colorado Springs to Denver?

Different modes of conveyance are recommended from Colorado Springs to Denver, Colorado.

  • Travelling by your plane is one of the privileges that not everybody can afford. When you want to travel by flight, you will approach a commercial flight most of the time. The Denver International Airport (DEN) and Colorado Springs Airport (COS) are not too far, and a 20 minutes flight will drop you from one destination to the other. But it is not an easy conveyance for people to travel on commercial flights as it can take four hours as you have to reach the airport two hours before the commencing of flight.
  • Travelling by train is always a kind of amusement and people love to travel and enjoy on the train. While travelling by train from Denver to Colorado Springs, you will climb to the Pikes Peak Cog Railway at an elevation of 14,115ft. The train journey is more adventurous while travelling from Colorado Springs to Denver or back.
  • Driving your car from Denver, Colorado, to Colorado Springs is not less than a blessing as you can stop and enjoy at every stop. The true spirit of picnic and enjoyment lies in your well and wish and having your car lets you enjoy the tour fully.
  • You can also choose to travel by bus between two destinations in Colorado state in a more economical way. Though the bus journey takes more time still, it is more economical to travel and explore the beauty of Colorado Springs.
  • You can also travel in shuttle service from Denver to Colorado Springs and economically avail yourself of the journey.
  • Limousine service is the best mode of conveyance in Denver to travel towards Colorado Springs as it offers all the facilities to be at ease and feel at home. Limo Lux offers the best limousine services in Colorado State to travel from Denver to Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs to Colorado. The Limo lux drivers are experienced and have enough area knowledge to introduce them to the best spots of Colorado Springs.

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